Video on How to Replace a Geo Metro Convertible Top

This video pretty much explains everything about how to replace the top on a Geo Metro or Suzuki Swift Convertible. Just remember that it needs to be warm and sitting out in the sun when changing tops and it will be easy to do.

Geo Metro and Suzuki Swift Wiring Diagrams

The biggest thing most people are missing for these cars is wiring diagrams. I have several diagrams and with what I have it covers a good bit of the wiring combinations in these cars.

Geo Metro Modification List for Mileage

This is a work in progress list of all the modifications that are reasonably possible to get the best MPG out of a Metro. I will assume the starting point is a standard base Metro 3cyl/5spd for this article so if you have an XFi you are already well on your way. I will try […]

How To Repair a Rusted Metro Frame

The front end of all Geo Metros will eventually rust out unless the owner is very active in maintaining the area to protect from rust. To protect the suspension from rusting out it needs to be coated with rust proofing or even oiling it will keep rust away. If you are the owner of a […]

Metro Transmission and Speedometer Gear Ratio Information

The Metro has the same transmission as the Suzuki Swift and several other cars made by Suzuki. All of them are more or less a bolt in swap. Usually the only difference is in the shifter rod or shifter brace rod. So if you get a junkyard trans take those two parts as well and […]

How to Identify a Geo Metro XFi

The XFi model metro was made from 91-94. So actually finding one does not guarantee it is still an XFi in anything other than name.