DIY Jeep CJ-7 Shackle Reversal

A stock CJ7 doesn’t track on the road well. It wanders and takes bumps badly. Most of this can be attributed to the way the leaf springs are mounted. With the shackles on the front and the solid mount on the rear of the front end it makes the front take bumps badly on the […]

Realistic Thoughts on Improving Your Car’s MPG

I have done a lot of experiments and have found some things that consistently work and some things that actually hurt your mileage. I am going to describe here what I have found that works and what doesn’t work. This is all based on experiments I have performed on my Geo Metro XFi.

Using the Innovate LC-1 Wideband Oxygen Sensor to improve your mileage.

The Innovate LC-1 sensor is pretty expensive for the intended usage so if you drive a lot or your vehicle gets really bad mileage it might be worth it but if you do not do either then this will be of limited use for anything other than bragging rights.