Charger Mounted

Doesn’t look like I did much since there are no pictures but I spent a good bit of the day sorting out the wiring. I have the shifter throttle wired up and adjusted perfectly now. It is a really smooth operating throttle. I noticed the pack voltage was a bit low so I mounted the […]

Throttle Trigger Mounted

Another day without much being accomplished. But at least there is some progress. I wired up the hall sensor to the controller and tried it out. The trigger is much smoother than the game controller joystick. The gauge layout seems ok but the position is a bit wrong. I will adjust the size and spacing […]

Throttle Trigger Made and Other Work.

Didn’t actually work on the car today. A friend gave me an old kids electric scooter so I could take the twist throttle and other random bits off it. So I took the throttle apart to see how it worked and it was a hall effect sensor with a magnet moving past it. I figured […]

First Test Drive of the Electric Drive

The rain let up for a little while today so I decided to take the car for a spin. This is the first time the car has left the garage under electric. The batteries have not been charged and I have no real controls set up yet for it. I am using an old game […]

Motor Wiring Sorted Out

The wiring diagram that is listed on the Kelly controllers website works but the motor is pretty weak and a bit noisy wired up that way. I used a chart that listed all 36 possible combinations of hall sensor and motor wires and tried every combination. The way they have it listed with B and […]

Wired up and Test of Motor

I wired up the controller today. I don’t have the controls mounted in a good spot but they are hooked up and good enough to spin the tires. Here is a video of the motor spinning the tire. The next time I spun the tire after that video the chain jumped off. It really isn’t […]

Drive Chain Installed

Today I cut a slot in the axle with an angle grinder for the keyway slot. I then welded the sprocket onto the hub and slid it onto the axle. I then put the cv joint back together and put it on the car. After that I had to make a limiting strap to keep […]

Finished the Motor Mounting Bracket

Got a few odds and ends done today. Main big thing was to get the electric motor mount made up. I didn’t get time to finish bolting it up but that will be next. Once the motor is mounted then I just need to take the axle back apart and cut the keyway slot into […]

Making Motor Mount Brackets

My plasma cutter decided to die today so it took me forever to cut out the mounting brackets for the motor. I managed to get the plate the motor attaches to made up and one side of the bracket made. It doesn’t look as good as I would like since I had to make it […]

New Rear Springs and Driven Sprocket Test Fit

I tried using a set of front springs on the back but it didn’t give me enough extra to get the car sitting level again. I looked around and the only other springs I had available easily were the front springs off a 93 Ford Ranger V6. They were an exact fit but were just […]