Pictures and Video of the Completed Diesel Astro Van

Been drivng the van for a week with no problems or issues. Everything is running good and smooth. The weather is good enough today that I brought it out and got some pictures and a video of the final product of this swap. Plus I put my notes here for anyone thinking of doing this […]

The 6.5L Diesel Astro is Now Complete.

Today was a pretty easy day of working on the van. Just finishing up and putting the last things together.

Found a Radiator that Fits

More odds and ends done today and I started fitting the radiator into the front end.

Exhaust Installed on the Diesel Astro

Managed to get a few odds and ends done today. But the big thing was the exhaust is totally welded up and done.

The 6.5L Diesel Astro Runs!

Lot of little stuff got done today including putting the accessories on the front of the engine and connecting up tons of random things. But it was worth it because it actually runs now.

Wiring finished up on the 6.5 engine

I got a few more things done today. Mostly just getting the electrical stuff together. I also had to make a battery tray for the second starter battery.

Motor and subframe back in the Astro

Got a lot done on the Van today. I got the frame patched where it was rusted badly. The fuel tank has had the pump removed and cleaned out. And I joined the subframe back up to the body.

Mounted the new motor and transmission to the Astro subframe

Today I got the 6.5L diesel engine and 4l80e transmission mounted to the subframe. It was not difficult to mount, it was just a very slow job.

Removed the old motor from the Astro

Took all day but I got the old drivetrain out of the Astro. Tomorrow I will fit the 6.5 and 4l80e onto the subframe.

Start of My 1 Ton Chevy Astro Project

So I have had my Astro for long enough I decided what I wanted to do with it. I use it to haul a lot of stuff around and am wanting to make it able to haul and tow anything I need. The easiest way is to put a 6.5L diesel in it and the […]