Start of the Electric Drive Project

So I have been debating on how to build an electric drive “hybrid” setup to the Metro. I think from the talking on that link that I have a good starting point for the project. I don’t know exactly how it is going to work but I will more or less figure it out as […]

Throttle Body Spacer Made

I am getting ready to go back to a stock head on the car. Shaving the head seems to make the car run worse so I can’t recommend anyone ever shave the head on these engines. But while the car is apart I might as well do some other work that normally helps out any […]

Front Inner Fenders Sealed and Chapmanville Car Show Pics

Forgot to bring the camera in and get these pictures off the other day, better late than never. I sealed up the front inner fenders much better than how they were before. This time instead of using plastic to seal them I used aluminum flashing so it would hold it’s shape much better. I put […]

New Exhaust and Battery Moved to Trunk

Been a while since the last update. After getting the car put together good enough for the show I pretty much quit working on it so I could get some house work done. I had other things needing completed before fall and the car had to wait. The last few details have been taken care […]

Logan County WV Car Show Pictures

Here are pictures from the car show today at Logan. The car is looking good and runs really well other than out of alignment but I will fix that soon.        

Last Minute Details Before the Car Show

The car is more or less done and I just had some details to tend to. The only major thing was to repair the broken headlight cover on the passenger side. It was pretty easy just using some scrap acrylic I had from making my window. Just duct tape it to one edge firmly and […]

Fixed Wheel Bearings and Inner Fenders

Took the car out and drove it over the weekend and the only real problem was one of the wheel bearings was bad. I had to order the bearings and wait for them to come in. They are on the car now and everything else is good for now. While It was up in the […]

Belly Pan Complete

finished up the belly pan today. I still need to cut a door into it for access to the bottom of the engine but I can do that when I remove it to clean up the engine bay. I used a good bit of bracing on the front to make it fit properly. I had […]

Side Skirts Painted and Belly Pan Started

First thing today was painting the side skirts. I had them prepped yesterday so other than covering the tires with garbage bags and wiping the car down they were ready to paint. Now the car looks real good from the sides. The pictures don’t look that good but I will get it out and get […]

Side Skirts Installed and Ready for Paint

Made up the mounts for the side skirts and belly pan down the sides of the car today. Going to paint them first thing tomorrow then I can start mounting the underbelly pan. The main parts of the framing for the belly pan are in place I just have to go around the wheel wells […]