LoganCountyLive.com Launched

After a bit of work putting a site together we are now announcing the launch of LoganCountyLive.com a new site to help everyone in the county to keep up to date on current events and communicate with each other. It is a pretty good messageboard with a local events section as well as a for […]

Configuring Diarist for use with WordPress

For anyone interested in Mobile Blogging I have found one program that works pretty well from a Windows Mobile based phone. Diarist is a very nice app that lets you write a post on your device and it will automatically post to your WordPress site. This is useful for anyone wanting to be able to […]

Using the Innovate LC-1 Wideband Oxygen Sensor to improve your mileage.

The Innovate LC-1 sensor is pretty expensive for the intended usage so if you drive a lot or your vehicle gets really bad mileage it might be worth it but if you do not do either then this will be of limited use for anything other than bragging rights.

Set up the Ultimate C/KU-band Satellite system. Part 1

It is pretty easy to find a used C-band dish in someone’s back yard for free to haul away. Usually the LNB on the dish is old and if they still have the receiver and give it to you it won’t do a lot more than maybe pick up a handful of channels. They think […]