Removed the old motor from the Astro

Took all day but I got the old drivetrain out of the Astro. Tomorrow I will fit the 6.5 and 4l80e onto the subframe.

Start of My 1 Ton Chevy Astro Project

So I have had my Astro for long enough I decided what I wanted to do with it. I use it to haul a lot of stuff around and am wanting to make it able to haul and tow anything I need. The easiest way is to put a 6.5L diesel in it and the […]

Heading to Geopalooza with my Metro. Live tracking is working.

This weekend is the 3rd Geopalooza where everyone with a Geo Metro gets together and shares stories and ideas. Mostly we just hang out and are lazy. I am heading there like I usually do a day early. I will be hauling my Metro there instead of driving it. The thing is very rough riding […]

How to Move the Passenger Seat Brackets Back in an Astro

Every Astro made has the passenger seat adjustment way to far forward. I have no idea why the factory thought only little kids were going to ride in that seat so I had to make a set of brackets to move it back some.

Dual Battery Setup on an Astro

One of the biggest problems I have had with my Astro conversion van is running the battery down from watching TV ,playing games, or other random messing around in the van. The best solution was to add a second battery to handle the load while the van is off. I wanted an automatic solution that […]