Body lifted 1 inch

After a overly long break from working on the car I finally got time to start back on it. I have most of the major frame work done but there are a few changes I needed to make. I don’t have enough head room in the car the way it is built so I needed […]

Gas tank, floor, and radiator installed

Today I worked on getting a few things mounted. I first made a few brackets to mount the gas tank in place. I had to raise it an inch and a half off the frame to clear the shifter rods. It will also need the extra clearance later for the parking brake cables. The tank […]

Shifter installed

Got a working shifter setup installed in the car today. Since the front wheel drive setup had a shift rod running straight out the back it was not that hard to bend a section of pipe to go around the frame and run it forward instead. It works good the way it is. I need […]

CV axles installed

I managed to get the CV axles made up and installed today. I ended up using two axles on one side. I just stuck them both in one in the engine and one in the wheel then marked them in the center to know where to cut them both off at. I then used a […]

Gas tank finished

Didn’t get a lot of time to work on it today but I at least managed to finish mounting the fuel pump and get it wired up and everything on it working properly.  With the tank assembled I figured I might as well check the clearance on it to see what kind of room I […]

Steering installed and started on gas tank

The steering parts came in today so I put it all together. The stock rack was not long enough so I put a set of rack extenders on it to make it the proper angle so there is no bump steer. The front end is basically done except for letting the front arms settle then […]

Rear suspension mounted

The hubs came back from the machine shop today. So I started putting the rear suspension together properly. I didn’t have a large enough bolt for the lower control arm mount so I will have to get one later for it. I bolted the struts and tie rods down solidly and mounted the hubs and […]

Headlights mounted

Since I have been spending so much time with the frame I decided to take a break from that and work on the headlights. The front of the car just didn’t look like much sitting around without headlights in it. So I mounted a pair of 4 1/2 inch driving lights to the bottom and […]

Throttle and clutch cables installed

Today didn’t seem like much getting done but I probably took the pedals off and reinstalled them 15 times to get everything lined up. The throttle cable worked out pretty easy since it had a lot of clearance to line everything up and get it drilled. The clutch was in a hard to get to […]

Pedals and steering column installed

I took the rear hubs to a shop to have them drilled out. They should be done tomorrow so I can finally get the car able to sit on it’s wheels and suspension. So while that is being worked on I went ahead and started figuring out some other stuff. I had to make a […]