Pedals remounted and starting on wipers

Today I worked on mounting everything under the dash. First was put the pedals back in then remove all the old stuff from the car. It took a while to get the pedals in place and get the steering wheel at the right height to be comfortable driving. But after it was in I checked […]

Firewall and pedal mounting started.

Today I started by framing up the front section of the floor. I will make the floor later. I mostly wanted it framed in so I could start building the firewall and getting everything mounted. With the floor lowered an inch and the body raised 3/4 off the frame I have more room for the […]

Back half of the floor area built

I decided to split the floor into two parts. The back part will be welded in and the seats and seat belt hardware will be mounted solidly on it. The front half will be bolted on so I can remove it to access under the dashboard. I just had to cut and weld on some […]

Starting on the floor

I got the body lined back up on the car so now it is time to start fitting the interior of the car together. First thing is to get the seat area finished so I can sit in the car and test fit the locations of all the dashboard parts. I need a bit more […]