Rear mostly complete

Last time I welded up the entire rear end solid before test fitting it to make sure everything looked just right. This time I learned my lesson and while it was just spot welded in place I put the trunk lid and tires on it and lowered it to the ground as much as the […]

Rear suspension located in place

With the marks on the floor it was pretty easy to just cut the suspension free and move it out to the new position. I mostly have it spot welded in place with whatever tubing I had laying around. I will test fit the tires on it this time before welding it all up solid […]

Drivers side rear lower suspension moved

Today the power was out most of the day and it was really hot in the garage so I didn’t get much accomplished. I have the positions laid out on the floor for where everything goes so I cut one side free and positioned it in the new location. I spot welded the lower suspension […]

Modification to the rear track

So the car has sat in the driveway for a week with the tires and wheels on it. After staring at it for a while I decided the rear tires being equal width to the front is not right for the car. So I unbolted the wheels and slid them out wider until I found […]