Rear suspension mounted

The hubs came back from the machine shop today. So I started putting the rear suspension together properly. I didn’t have a large enough bolt for the lower control arm mount so I will have to get one later for it. I bolted the struts and tie rods down solidly and mounted the hubs and […]

Headlights mounted

Since I have been spending so much time with the frame I decided to take a break from that and work on the headlights. The front of the car just didn’t look like much sitting around without headlights in it. So I mounted a pair of 4 1/2 inch driving lights to the bottom and […]

Throttle and clutch cables installed

Today didn’t seem like much getting done but I probably took the pedals off and reinstalled them 15 times to get everything lined up. The throttle cable worked out pretty easy since it had a lot of clearance to line everything up and get it drilled. The clutch was in a hard to get to […]

Pedals and steering column installed

I took the rear hubs to a shop to have them drilled out. They should be done tomorrow so I can finally get the car able to sit on it’s wheels and suspension. So while that is being worked on I went ahead and started figuring out some other stuff. I had to make a […]

Engine installed and front suspension mostly installed.

I went over the frame to make sure everything looked ok and so far it looks like everything is all good on it. So I started assembling some of the parts laying around the garage to try and free up some space. The engine and suspension parts are taking up the most garage space so […]

Front end completed

I just had to add the upper frame to the front end to finish it. I also needed to make a set of braces to hold the front body and keep it solid. I need to weld everything up and add a few more braces but the frame is basically done on the car now. […]

Front suspension mounted

I got the front end put under the car and squared up. It is much easier when the entire thing is one piece. After I got it sitting exactly where I wanted it I just had to connect it to the old frame. I made the lower frame sections and attached them. I still need […]

Front suspension ready to install

Today I finished cutting off the old frame parts and cleaned up the crossmember. After that I just had to cut it in half and widen it 5 inches. I welded on plenty of bracing to hold it solid. It might be a bit of overkill on it but I would rather have an extra […]

Stripping and updating the front suspension

The front crossmember had a lot of stuff welded to it and in general was a pretty good mess. I have most of the old frame cut off it except for one part. I will cut it off eventually but it makes a useful handle for now. I managed to get the lower control arm […]

Rear done and starting on front suspension

The back was mostly done except for some minor bracing and needing welded up completely. I finished it up and after it cooled off I put some paint on it. I will probably go over it one more time after the front is assembled and I remove the body to make sure there are no […]