New rims and tires

I haven’t had time to work on the car much but I did manage to put the rear struts back on the car. The new wheels and tires came in so I figured it was a good time to put them on and roll it out and get some pictures. It looks like it has […]

Rear frame nearly finished

The last two days I have been welding up the frame. Today I finally finished welding everything up and put a coat of paint on it to see what I had. The frame has most of the bracing done. I need to get some thin wall square tubing to put a few more braces in. […]

Trunk latch made

I wanted a trunk latch that worked like a real car and not some crazy thing that needs pins or several places to unlatch it like it used to be. I mounted the Metro hood latch to the roll bar using only one bolt for now but I will build a mounting plate later on. […]

Trunk hinges built

Today was a slow day with what seems like not much progress. I first cut out 4 plates to go on either side of the fiberglass to reinforce the hinge area. I bolted them through the fiberglass and drilled the large hinge bolt hole once they were in place. I then put the trunk lid […]

Rear toe bars and removing the test motor

The rear toe bars were fairly easy to build. I took the tie rods off the front end and used a bolt to mount the inner rod solidly. I tried to keep the same geometry as the stock front end but since it is mostly mounted backwards it makes it a bit harder to line […]

Strut towers built

Today I built the strut towers. I tried to come up with a way to do it without using a brace across the top but it would be much heavier than just a bolt on brace. So I will make a bolt on brace to run across the top of the strut mounting plates after […]

Engine mounts built

I ended up digging up a bunch of parts to try and come up with something for the transmission mount that would still be strong. I ended up cutting the stock mount in half and bolting a rear transmission mount to the bracket. Then I could use an engine mount bushing that was bolted to […]

2 of 3 motor mounts built

Didn’t have a lot of time to work on the car but I managed to get it on the ground, get the trunk lid off, and get the motor and transmission located properly. After that I made the motor mount and rear mount. I still have to make a custom mount for the front transmission […]

Starting rear subframe

With the suspension looking good and in place it is time to actually build a rear frame for the car. I had to put the trunk back on for the next part. With the trunk on I had to put the car in the air far enough to get under it and measure and fit […]

Rear suspension welded in place

The new setup on the rear end was much better, so I mounted the other side in place and checked square on the car. Everything is right on square this time and nothing is more than 1/8 inch off anywhere. So I am happy with how it looks now. With the suspension in place it […]