Found a Radiator that Fits

More odds and ends done today and I started fitting the radiator into the front end.

I went back to the G30 alternator and swapped pigtails so it would plug in and work the idiot light on the dashboard if it ever has any problems. The alternator I was using on the Astro 4.3 motor just quit working so instead of waiting to get it replaced I just used the G30 alt. The dead alt is under warranty still so I will exchange it and keep it as a spare.

I also found a radiator that seemed to be the best candidate for swapping. A radiator for a 67 suburban has the transmission cooler and is a 28×17 core. It has about the same hose sizes and fittings as the stock G30 radiator except for no oil cooler on the side. The G30 radiator has a 32×19 core and won’t fit at all. I got the radiator down in the stock location but that put it pretty close to the pulleys and I would only have a quarter inch of clearance from the fans to the motor. There is more room in front of the radiator to move it forward so I cut away a bit of the metal that was in the way. I could then move it right up behind the condenser. There is now plenty of room behind it for the fans and a bit more air flow. I will have to trim the radiator support across the top but not that bad to make an opening for the cap. It should work out good where it is at.

IMG_20101127_184405 IMG_20101127_184417 IMG_20101127_184435

I will have to move the two transmission coolers and make room so I can get the engine oil cooler mounted in there. I will try and finish mounting it and get all the hoses hooked up tomorrow.

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