Removed the old motor from the Astro

Took all day but I got the old drivetrain out of the Astro. Tomorrow I will fit the 6.5 and 4l80e onto the subframe.

I would probably be able to lower the body back onto the subframe tomorrow but there are a few things I need to do while it is apart. One of the body bushings has rusted through and needs repaired and I need to take the gas tank off and put new lines on it and route them to the right place for the new engine. I also need to clean the tank out and get rid of the electric fuel pump.

IMG_20101118_210704 IMG_20101118_210711 IMG_20101118_210721

2 Responses to “Removed the old motor from the Astro”

  1. Hi,
    Nice Swap!
    I’m attempting to do a similar mod (Diesel in an Astro) however I’m using a Cummins 4bt (bread truck) engine. What / how did you lift the body off the sub-frame? I do have a rack it just seems the body is weak unless you left from the sub-frame.
    What trans controller did you use?

    Thanks for your time.

  2. There is a lip on the upper unibody that is strong enough to lift the body. If you look at the large versions of the pictures you can get a pretty good idea of where I lifted it from.

    Here is the thread I started on a message board I hang out on that goes along with this build.