Video on How to Replace a Geo Metro Convertible Top

This video pretty much explains everything about how to replace the top on a Geo Metro or Suzuki Swift Convertible. Just remember that it needs to be warm and sitting out in the sun when changing tops and it will be easy to do.

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  1. What is the MPG for a 1992 Geo Metro Convertible, 3 cylinder engine and automatic transmission?

  2. The auto trans car gets around 32 to 40 mpg and the auto trans robs alot of power. My standard trans metro gets an average of 46 mpg with 240,000 miles. Keep the egr valve clean. If you havn’t bought one yet I strongly suggest the manuel trans. Mine still will scratch the tires in second gear and it feels like a gokart.

  3. This video is fine if you are dealing with new hardware; but none of are.
    here are some tips;
    1. Do NOT attempt to remove the old screws without an impact screwdriver and a torq drive that fits the factory screws EXACTLY.
    2. The factory screws come in packages of 10. Part # 96064491. $3.12 each retail. $2.34 shop cost. That is $23.40 for the pack. Order at least one pack because you will have several screws that are too damaged to be reused.
    3. Get some 3M Trim Adhesive to secure the fabric to the top bow [header]. This keeps it firmly in place before you install the trim piece.
    4. If you find a crack or a break in the top retainers, use JB Weld to repair them. New ones cost $80.00.
    5. You will run into problems. What should be a 2 hour job can easily stretch into days as you find parts that need to be sanded and repainted.

    Jerry from Kure Beach, NC

  4. Also note that some parts have a LEFT and a RIGHT side. Don’t reverse them.

  5. My 1993 vert gets 42 mpg.

  6. Mr. Dockery

    Sir would you like to do one more i am in Fayetteville NC. I would love to drive down there with my new top and help you put it on as i have a friend that has two that both need tops. willing to pay you but never attempted the job before.


  7. The video HOW TO REPLASCE GEO METRO CONV. TOP looks great but it ends after only 3min and 13 sec. Where can I find the rest of the video? I sure can use it. Thanks.