First Test Drive of the Electric Drive

The rain let up for a little while today so I decided to take the car for a spin. This is the first time the car has left the garage under electric.

The batteries have not been charged and I have no real controls set up yet for it. I am using an old game controller joystick for the throttle and it is not mounted. It was acting up a bit though. You can see that when I got out on the road and it quit pulling till I messed with it and made it start pulling again. I got up to 35mph with the electric. There was enough traffic I decided to pull out with the gas motor and just let it idle in neutral just in case I needed it.

The gearing is not really good the way it is set up. It has 4:1 gearing right now but if I go to 5:1 gearing it should pull much better than it does now. The chain was jumping a bit at the start. I don’t really have it adjusted or even lined up perfectly so that is expected.

Overall the car is doing pretty good and I am happy with how it is running. This weekend I will start putting the controls together and actually finishing things up with it so I can start driving the car again.

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  1. Rick,

    Very impressive!



  2. Dumb question….Why didn’t you run the electric motor to the extra pulley on the crank?? Seems like it would have been less difficult.

  3. If the motor was mounted to the crank then it would have to spin the gasoline motor all the time. The way it is now I could have the motor off and the transmission in neutral and run on electric only. It would be possible to mount it either way I just chose this setup to fit the way I drive.