Geo Metro and Suzuki Swift Wiring Diagrams

The biggest thing most people are missing for these cars is wiring diagrams. I have several diagrams and with what I have it covers a good bit of the wiring combinations in these cars.

This is everything I have. If anyone has additional diagrams send them to me and I will add them to the list.

92-94 Metro 3 cylinder ECU pinouts

6E2-A-3 6E2-A-4 6E2-A-5

Swift wiring diagrams 89-01

These are pdf files each covers the year listed. They are for the swift but they are very similar if not identical for most systems.

If I find anything else I will add it but for now this is all I know about the Metro wiring diagrams

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  1. The wiring diagrams on your site were a tremendous help. I just recently purchased a 1.0 liter 95 geo metro hatchback (my first Geo) and it has some serious electrical problems. Thanks to your website I have made some significant progress. I can now drive the car at night and all the essentials work except the horn which I will tackle next weekend (I believe I will have to go into the steering wheel/column). I had to eliminate the DRL module (cost about $100.00 from NAPA) as it was toast, the diode pair was also degraded, and the fuse panel/junction box had a terminal that was nearly melted into oblivion at some point in the past. With all these things repaired my lights now work fine. I may even reinstall the DRL module one of these days as all I have to do is remove the jumper connecting pin 8 to pin 11 on the DRL connector and install a new DRL module. I have your site marked in my favorites and I am sure I will visit frequently as trying to stretch the gas dollar is new to me. I have always been a hot rodder and built a few in my day. Most recent build was my daughter’s 70 el camino SS. Thanks for all the good info and educating an ol’ lead foot. By the way looking at the car the most weight that would be easy to get rid of seems to be the glass. Specifically the hatch and side rear windows. If they were replaced with polycarbonate units the fuel mileage would increase significantly. I don’t think DOT regulations would allow replacing the door glass or the windshield. I’m also sure it would be quite expensive to install but it may be worth looking into. Do you know if anyone has done this, or the cost? Thanks for any info you could provide.

  2. I need a fuse diagram for 96 geo metro 1.3 LSi

  3. has anyone adapted a 93 XFI computer to work in a 89-91 not XFI ??
    there are more pins/inputs on the newer one.

  4. all of the lights stopped working on my Geo metro 92 but it starts and signals work but thats about it horn, front lamps, rear lamps, and brake light do not work anyone got any ideas?

  5. Thats the exact same as mine Adam.. (1991 Geo) except the interior lights too. I had a young kid install a stereo for me… I think he screwed with the wrong wires… let me know if you find anything out??!


    If you’re having problems with the horn or other lights, drl, or the like, check that url above. This is what was wrong with mine and they show how to fix it, sorta.

  7. Oh and geos werent made to have custom radios, but that url above happened to me without installing a custom radio. It seems tho that anyone who installed one pretty much guarenteed that would happen to them because the geo yas some pretty sub standard wiring in it. I think they didnt get the right fuse sizes for the power they were using.

  8. replace the 60a fuse under the hood next to the battery

  9. replace the 60a fuse under the hood next to the battery on the driver side

  10. and as 4 renee the kid hooked up the orange illumination wire on the radio it does not use illuminations unhook it u be ok


  12. hi guys n girls. I hav a 99 1.0 swift it started having elec probs about a month ago during heavy rain-Full beams lights stuck on and no wipers then left indicator stuck on and headlights stuck on, have cleaned grounding wires next to headlights and on dash bulkhead and now have normal wipers and full beam but can only turn headlights off buy pulling both fuses from underdash and indicator buy pull relay. any other grund wires hidden anywhere i could check or do i have to remove all insulation from wires to find any bad connections would hate to send t scrappers.

  13. I have a 98 4 cyl automatic metro with a blown motor and a 96 3 cyl 5 speed lsi metro. The 98 body is in like new condition and the 96 is rotting away with a nearly brand new motor in it. I’d like to convert the 98 to a 3 cyl 5 speed by stripping the 96. What concerns me the most are the wiring issues. I would use the 96 ecu computer, 96 engine compartment to ecu wiring harness and 96 motor and 5 speed in the 98. What advice can anyone give me? Studying the wiring diagrams here on this site there appear to be differences in the passenger compartment wiring harnesses that go to the ecu behind the glovebox. Is the only way to do this to use all the wiring harnesses from the 96 including those in the passenger compartment which I think would require me to remove the dash too. Advice appreciated – has anyone done this?

  14. If you are having problems with your right headlight being dim in a 96 metro look for degraded wire splices in the main wiring harness where it “T’s” about a foot in front of the drivers side fire wall. They spliced the white/red wire in that location and that splice in my car coroded to dust. I had a low voltage on the white/red wire at the right headlight and therefore the headlight was dim. I tore the fuse box apart and spent about 3 days tracking this down by tearing into the wiring harness and chasing other useless possibilies. There is also a white wire splice in that same location in the wiring harness, it was not completely coroded but I repaired it as well. I have nice bright lights now and I suspect this will be a problem on many of the metros. I have photos but don’t know how to post them.

  15. hi i had no passenger brake lights. replaced both bulbs to find they still would not work i checked other side to find grey tape and a few placed where 3 wires go into 1 does anyone have any ideas ,fues just for pass sie etc. brett

  16. I had the same problem. Different radio was put in. While driving at night everything went out except turn signals. The fix was to rewire the fuse box to the wire harness with a bigger wire. These cars has been known for catching on fire due to poor OEM wiring. I have put another 25000 miles on my car with no more issues.

  17. Hi Camille, I have been experiencing the same thing. The connector that clips into the bottom of FB was a crispy critter by the time it failed completely. I guess my recommendation, “don’t use the radio at night, with wipers, rear window defogger” none of the above.