Throttle Body Spacer Made

I am getting ready to go back to a stock head on the car. Shaving the head seems to make the car run worse so I can’t recommend anyone ever shave the head on these engines. But while the car is apart I might as well do some other work that normally helps out any engine. I used a cutting board purchased from RiteAid locally. It is a half inch thick and easy to work with to make a spacer out of. I just laid a gasket over it, marked where to cut, and drilled it out. Making it was pretty easy really once I got started. A drill and a rotary tool are all you need to make one.

IMAGE_00188 IMAGE_00189

I will be putting it on the car probably next weekend if I have time to do the head swap. I will also be using stainless steel exhaust valves in the head so I should never have a problem with them going bad again. I will post the part numbers for the valves next week when I figure them out.

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  1. Hi im varry interested in your spacer you made and if it works …I Run a water jet at my job and cut any material you can think of.. Im planning on makeing one out of 3/4 6061 aluminum . If you can give me any info that would be grate

    Thank you

    1995 Geo metro 3cyl 42mpg