LoganCountyLive.com Launched

After a bit of work putting a site together we are now announcing the launch of LoganCountyLive.com a new site to help everyone in the county to keep up to date on current events and communicate with each other. It is a pretty good messageboard with a local events section as well as a for […]

Logan County WV Car Show Pictures

Here are pictures from the car show today at Logan. The car is looking good and runs really well other than out of alignment but I will fix that soon.        

Last Minute Details Before the Car Show

The car is more or less done and I just had some details to tend to. The only major thing was to repair the broken headlight cover on the passenger side. It was pretty easy just using some scrap acrylic I had from making my window. Just duct tape it to one edge firmly and […]

Fixed Wheel Bearings and Inner Fenders

Took the car out and drove it over the weekend and the only real problem was one of the wheel bearings was bad. I had to order the bearings and wait for them to come in. They are on the car now and everything else is good for now. While It was up in the […]