Side Skirts Installed and Ready for Paint

Made up the mounts for the side skirts and belly pan down the sides of the car today. Going to paint them first thing tomorrow then I can start mounting the underbelly pan. The main parts of the framing for the belly pan are in place I just have to go around the wheel wells somehow. I will figure that out when I get to it.

100_0338 100_0339

So tomorrow’s pictures should show a really nice looking car and so far I am on schedule to hit the road in the car this weekend.

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  1. I own an 1991 Geo XFI too, I normally get 67 MPG, lots of fun in the little car.

  2. I have two ’92 xfi’s. One is a parts car at the moment and I am thinking of copying your idea of making a convertible via parts swapping. Is it really as straight forward as finding a ’92 convertible body and swapping everything (sans frame modifications)? I like the idea of having backup transportation and a winter and summer car at that!

    Thanks for any advice.


  3. Yep, the convertible and hatchback share the exact same drivetrain and dashboard. So you can swap everything out of the xfi into the convertible and be set.


  5. Hello I was wondering if you knowing where I can find side skirts for a 1991 Geo…Thank you so much for everything!