Drivers Side Rear View Mirror Made

I made up the rear view system for the drivers side. I cut the base off the stock mirror to use as the mounting surface to attach to the car. I then aimed the camera and got it positioned how I wanted and held it in place with duct tape. After that I used some epoxy bumper repair material to glue it all together solid. After the epoxy dried I used body filler to smooth it all out and sanded it out to a good shape.

100_0325 100_0326 100_0327 100_0328

It still needs painted so the shot of it on the car is not the final thing. I just have some primer on it now the weather was getting cool enough I decided to wait before painting it. It barely sticks out of the side of the car so it seems like it will work good once it is painted and mounted solidly.


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  1. Wow…my dream car. And no, I am not joking. My boyfriend has a Metro Convertible I (and the current economy) convinced him to salvage. The engine is partially blown (and the stupid machine shop messed up while repairing it…idiots) and there is a lot of rust on the rocker panels, but he wants to turn it into a really nice cruiser and take it to shows. I think your site and your forum post on ecomodder will be very helpful! Nice to know I am not the only one who likes Metros and sees their hidden potential (hybrid eater). 🙂

  2. Man you did a great job on this car. I was just surfing and ran across this. Had to drop you a line on job well done. You have a lot more time and skill than I do. Wish I had your welding skills.


  3. Hi,
    I am looking for the 4-push button windshield wiper switch for a 1990 Geo. I though that maybe you have it. If you do have it, I need it very badly, as my car will not pass state inspection.

  4. do you rebuild metro’s for higher milage for others and $$’s?
    I have a 91 GEO 4/1 door that has run forever and got around 48 mpg. It finally died, electrical I think. I left it sit in Western WA this winter and it molded so I stripped the interior completely and decided to learn how to rebuild it when I have time. But, I just started a new job so I’m not about to have the time.