Belly Pan Complete

finished up the belly pan today. I still need to cut a door into it for access to the bottom of the engine but I can do that when I remove it to clean up the engine bay. I used a good bit of bracing on the front to make it fit properly. I had […]

Side Skirts Painted and Belly Pan Started

First thing today was painting the side skirts. I had them prepped yesterday so other than covering the tires with garbage bags and wiping the car down they were ready to paint. Now the car looks real good from the sides. The pictures don’t look that good but I will get it out and get […]

Side Skirts Installed and Ready for Paint

Made up the mounts for the side skirts and belly pan down the sides of the car today. Going to paint them first thing tomorrow then I can start mounting the underbelly pan. The main parts of the framing for the belly pan are in place I just have to go around the wheel wells […]

Start on Rocker Panels/Underbelly

I put the car on jackstands and started messing with the side skirts trying to fit them in place. I got tired of squeezing under everything so I figured the easiest way to do this was get the car higher in the air so I used my engine hoist hooked to the front bumper to […]

Hauled off the old XFi Shell

Didn’t get much else done on the good car today but I did get a lot of the mess cleaned up. Including loading up the old xfi shell and a bunch of scrap metal laying around in the way. There isn’t much left of the old car now. Almost all of it is in the […]

Passenger Side Rear View Camera Made

Another day without a lot of progress that looks good on pictures. I did manage to get the passenger side camera made up. I used fiberglass on this side instead of bumper filler. It seems like either one of them works so it was no difference once they were finished.

Drivers Side Rear View Mirror Made

I made up the rear view system for the drivers side. I cut the base off the stock mirror to use as the mounting surface to attach to the car. I then aimed the camera and got it positioned how I wanted and held it in place with duct tape. After that I used some […]

Buffed out Paint, Installed Trim, and More

Lot of little stuff today, I finished welding the exhaust up so the car is now nice and quiet. I then buffed out the paint and put a coat of wax on it. I didn’t have any turtle wax so I ended up putting some crappy black magic stuff on there that didn’t shine it […]

Rear Inner Fenders Replaced and Cut Springs

The Inner fenders were a pain to get in without hurting the paint but they are both finally in. I bent them anywhere that they were getting close to the tire. There is plenty of room on the back end to clear even bigger tires. The front has one or two spots that rub but […]

Passenger Side Rear Inner Fender Changed

The stock inner fenders on the convertible are long gone but the old xfi had good inner fenders that only had rust on the bottom half so they were cut out yesterday and today I managed to get one side installed. The hard part was trying to get it to fit in there since the […]