How To Repair a Rusted Metro Frame

The front end of all Geo Metros will eventually rust out unless the owner is very active in maintaining the area to protect from rust. To protect the suspension from rusting out it needs to be coated with rust proofing or even oiling it will keep rust away. If you are the owner of a […]

Minor Interior Work Done

Used some old computer cases and made sub boxes. I also closed up the last of the holes in the back. I need to glue up the joints but that is no big deal to finish. I also closed up a bunch of small gaps in the floor that don’t photograph well. The sub boxes […]

More Interior Work Finished.

I had some other stuff to work on today so I didn’t get a lot done. I fit the parking brakes and gear shifter back in the car. The parking brake was easy, I just had to cut the mount out of the old car and weld it into the new one. Then drill some […]

Rear Inner Fenders and More Installed.

Lot more random stuff installed. First thing was to put the rear inner fenders in. I used some plastic garbage cans and cut the bottom 10 inches off it and fit it into the fender. I riveted them in place. I will need to seal them up with sealer still but they are in there […]