Powered Up Car’s Electrical System

I have most of the electronic stuff hooked up and ready in the car so I figured it was time to test it out. I made a battery tray and installed the battery in the car. I didn’t try and start it yet since there is no exhaust and it would be really loud. The car ran fine before moving it into the new body so I don’t see any reason why it won’t run now. I did test out the computer system and it works really well. The new touchscreen works great with Megatune. It is running XP with Roadrunner as a front end and Megatune is integrated into Roadrunner. The computer is a Via Eden 1.2Ghz fanless, 1Gb ram, 120Gb drive, and M2-ATX power supply. It has Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, and an AM/FM tuner. The stereo needed minor adjustments to the levels on the amps and it is now playing perfectly.

100_0245 100_0246 100_0248

The only electrical things left are to run the EGT sensor and oil pressure sensor. Once I put the exhaust and CV joints in the car it should be able to drive around under it’s own power. If the rain quits I will get under one of the spare cars I have and cut the exhaust out from under it and put on.

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