Minor Bodywork and More Interior work

I did some sanding on the car to see what it was really going to take to get the body ready to paint. The entire car has a layer of bondo on it so I am going to have to sand the whole thing down to bare metal. It won’t be as smooth as it […]

Geo Metro Modification List for Mileage

This is a work in progress list of all the modifications that are reasonably possible to get the best MPG out of a Metro. I will assume the starting point is a standard base Metro 3cyl/5spd for this article so if you have an XFi you are already well on your way. I will try […]

Engine Wiring Cleaned Up and Starting to Sand the Body

The wiring under the hood was a mess, there was stuff ran everywhere. So I took the time to arrange it all and wrap up everything to make it look nicer. I then put the radiator in it and topped it off with antifreeze so I could start the car and let it run for […]

Exhaust Done and Started Car

Finished the exhaust up. It is using some thin wall pipe I found laying around that is about 1 1/4 OD. I used the stock resonator and the best muffler I could find out of my collection. I had to make two bends in the pipe to fit the whole thing together. It is exiting […]

Bumpers Mounted

The glue on the back bumper finally dried so it was time to fit them on the car and make up the brackets for them. The front bumper looks pretty good, I just need to paint everything behind it black so the stuff under the hood is not quite as visible as it is now. […]

Redid the Bumpers

I spent all day cutting and shaping the holes in the bumpers with a dremel. After I got them the size I wanted I cut some expanded metal and bent it to fit the curves of the bumpers. The rear bumper I glued the panels in place, they are smaller and bolts didn’t seem like […]

Body Panels Installed

Made a big change in the look of the car today. I installed all of the body panels and for most of them they will not be coming back off again. I forgot to put the hood latch cable in so I will have to take the drivers front fender off and drill a hole […]

Powered Up Car’s Electrical System

I have most of the electronic stuff hooked up and ready in the car so I figured it was time to test it out. I made a battery tray and installed the battery in the car. I didn’t try and start it yet since there is no exhaust and it would be really loud. The […]

Dashboard Installed

Got all the main wiring done in the dashboard and all the components are installed so it was time to mount the dashboard. Everything fit together pretty well except the upper bolts that hold the dash are too short so I will have to get longer bolts and install them later. The seats are not […]

Carpet and Speakers Installed

I put the carpet down on the interior today and fitted the rear plastic panels around the roll bars. The carpet was easy to put down on a flat floor. It just took time to cut and fit it into place. After that was done I cut the rear panels to fit so they cleared […]