Sealed up holes, Test Fit Dash

This weekend has been a lot of things that don’t photograph well again. I started with sealing up all the holes and gluing shut everything that is no longer being used in the car. I had to seal the cowl opening for fresh air and the sides of the firewall. After that I cut up […]

Dashboard Test Fit Up

Figured I would put a quick post on here showing how the dashboard looks right now. I have the rear view mirror replacement screens mounted in the stock vent locations. The center of the dash has been more or less cut away and using the sun visor part off a 91 dashboard for a sun […]

Metro Transmission and Speedometer Gear Ratio Information

The Metro has the same transmission as the Suzuki Swift and several other cars made by Suzuki. All of them are more or less a bolt in swap. Usually the only difference is in the shifter rod or shifter brace rod. So if you get a junkyard trans take those two parts as well and […]

Wiring Harness and Engine Installed

The wiring harness was not that hard to install into the car. I have been labeling everything as I take it apart on the XFi so it was just a matter of fishing all the wire through the holes and into the interior. From there I just unhooked it from the zip ties and moved […]

Modified Floor and Added Random Braces.

I was going over the car and noticed the way I had the floor made for the area behind the seats really was not going to work well with the duct through the car. So I cut it free and modified it slightly so the airflow will be cleanly directed to the back end of […]

Gas Tank, Pedals, and Other Stuff Installed

Today was mainly bolting on parts. The First thing was put the good front struts on with the ’97 model springs. They are the stiffest ones I have. I didn’t put the brake calipers on yet. I need to take the calipers off one more car so I can use the best set. I left […]

Final Test Fit of the Body and Mounting Brackets.

Got the body on the car and have it sitting square. All the brackets are made up and adjusted to hold the bumper and fenders on in the right position. The rear bumper was pretty easy to mount it only needed two brackets to get it solid. I didn’t leave the trunk or top frame […]