Test Fitting the Body


The car looks pretty good there but it is just temporary. I will have to make up a few more brackets for the front and back bumper. After everything is properly fit and working right I will then be able to start final paint and assembly.


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  1. I don’t know what you do for a living but you’re a genius! How refreshing to see someone with the know-how, and more importantly, the GUTS, to just tear into a project like this. I can hear the naysayers saying “You can’t just, just, DO that!” Yes you can and you are. Hooray! Keep it up.

  2. Good God Man! You can’t do this! Just who do you think you are anyway? 😉

    Well looks to be coming along splendidly!!! Three big cheers to you! Tell me though do you do a lot of stop and go driving? If not all that weight reduction will be of small advantage, saves money though. I love it!