More Interior Floor Finished and Part of the Trunk Floor.

I put the last sections of the interior floor in place today. They are just spot welded since I am wanting to make sure it all fits together and works before welding them down permanently. The trunk floor framing was pretty easy to install. Getting the floor on it was a lot more work. The big square opening in the convertible top well is going to be the cover that I can use to access the gas tank if I ever need to. The hole is just big enough to drop the tank down onto it’s mount. The trunk has a lot less room than it did factory but I needed the floor up that high so the air had a good place to exit. Having it exit right at the bottom of the car seemed pointless to me so I will be putting the opening on the bumper and the filler panel between the tail lights. I am thinking of just using expanded metal for the openings and if I paint the inside near the back flat black it won’t be that noticeable to anyone other than the car that is directly behind me in traffic.

100_0159 100_0160 100_0157 100_0158

The seat is just sitting there and is not actually mounted yet. I will install a pedal or two once I get the back floor finished and make sure I can actually drive the car like this. If my feet don’t fit then I will have to drop that area of the drivers side enough to be able to operate the pedals without hitting the steering column. I think it will work out fine though so it probably won’t be necessary.

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  1. why not use another bumper cover from the
    FRONT end, it would work if your tags will be
    mounted between the tail lights

  2. That would look cool if I had a good one to use 🙂 I have a crummy 91 style bumper that has the lower part recessed but I only have one good 93/94 front bumper. I will keep looking around and if I can find one I will grab it and see if I can get it to work on there.