Started Sealing up the firewall

The firewall had lots of soft rubber like soundproofing glued on so it took me a while to scrape it off there. I also whent ahead and took the steering column and pedals out to make it easier to work in the car. I got one side mostly finished today. I need to do the drivers side and the rust holes in the fender well. I will probably do the fender well parts from the outside to keep any crevices from rusting out hopefully. The rest of the inner fender will be plastic but I figure the interior might need more protection from flying rocks so it is staying metal.

You can see where the new floor will be at. The 3/4 square tubing going across the bottom of the firewall is what I will be putting the floor on top of. The entire floor will be flat and level with the door sills. This will give me plenty of room for the air ducting through the car.

100_0139.jpg 100-0140.jpg

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  1. i wanted to see if you could make me a pair of head light covers like the ones you have and tell me what kindof hub caps you using my hobby now is to make me geo metro just like yours but different colors i also have a goal of getting 60 miles to the gallon hope to hear from ya soon thank you so much for being a leader to this kewl project

  2. The headlight covers are easy, just find a clear 2 or 3 liter bottle and cut it to fit and glue it over the stock bezel. The hub caps are home made from some 14″ hubcaps. I don’t think anyone actually makes 12″ moon hubcaps.

  3. Hi Rick
    Like the job you are doing you are quite the backyard engineer. You are a lot farther ahead than I am, got a couple of the Geo convertibles and want to start this summer to make a different car the wife wants it with AC,PS. have found the parts, now I have to order the tubing for a new frame. your pictures are a great helpin the design work thankyou very much. The drive train fron a 4cyl Geo will fit in the convertible if you need a more power and 14″ wheels. thanks again for shareing your hard work with the rest of us wannabes. John A. Common, Bolivar NY. 14715