Test Fitting the Body

  The car looks pretty good there but it is just temporary. I will have to make up a few more brackets for the front and back bumper. After everything is properly fit and working right I will then be able to start final paint and assembly.

Engine Mounts Installed

Since the weather was nice I got the engine pulled out and cleaned up over the week after work. It was pretty fast to pull it out since I have done about 5 of these cars before. I took it over to the convertible and put it in place. I used a known good metro […]

Start of Stripping the XFi Down

The convertible is close to being ready to start assembling. The only thing left is a bit of paint and making rear inner fenders out of some plastic garbage cans. I moved the convertible out of my work area and put the XFi in its place. The XFi was already parked due to rusty frame […]

I Just Wasn’t Cut Out to be a Painter

Did a few detail things to the floor and trunk area. So the only thing left was to put some paint on it before I start assembling the car. I figure since this paint will never be seen by pretty much anyone I should just go ahead and paint it myself. So my first attempt […]

More Interior Floor Finished and Part of the Trunk Floor.

I put the last sections of the interior floor in place today. They are just spot welded since I am wanting to make sure it all fits together and works before welding them down permanently. The trunk floor framing was pretty easy to install. Getting the floor on it was a lot more work. The […]

Started Putting the Floor In

Got the last of the welds done on the strut towers so now it is time to start with the floor. I ran braces across the interior, making sure they line up with the seat rails so when I attach the seats they are right against the solid bracing and not just supported by the […]

More Front End Work Completed

I have been working on sealing up all the holes that were cut in the car as I built the new frame. I tried working around the front struts but they were in the way so I took the last of the stuff off the front end. The only thing left on the front is […]

Firewall Finished

I finished the firewall on the inside. I still have 2 places left to patch where the strut tower braces go through, then on the engine side of the firewall I need to grind and smooth all the edges. I will use silicon caulk to seal up the gaps to keep rust away then spray […]

Started Sealing up the firewall

The firewall had lots of soft rubber like soundproofing glued on so it took me a while to scrape it off there. I also whent ahead and took the steering column and pedals out to make it easier to work in the car. I got one side mostly finished today. I need to do the […]

Frame Assembled

The frame is finally put together. All the main parts are in place now. I still have a lot of welding to weld it up solid and probably a dozen brackets to mount various stuff to the car. I will weld up all the seams and put a good coat of paint on the frame […]