Front Strut Tower Braces Complete and Floor Removed.

Got the front bracing all in. I will have more braces to put in as I assemble the car but the basic structure is there. I cut away the last of the floor in the car so now there is no rust anywhere on the entire car finally. Next thing is to put the bracing in on the door openings and the frame will be complete.

After that is done I have a lot of welding left to finish it up. Half the joints are just spot welded in place right now. I will weld everything I can get to easily the way the car sits now then turn it up on either side to get at all the joints and get the whole car totally welded up. I also have to patch and seal all the holes in the firewall.

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  1. Are driver & passenger doors required on the modified Geo, to pass inspection? Doors are notoriously heavy in order to provide human protection.

    Did you consider modeling the airflow around the car using aerodynamic software or a wind tunnel, before adding the extra weight and finalizing the design to form the passenger side front-to-back air bypass duct?