Front Strut Tower Braces Complete and Floor Removed.

Got the front bracing all in. I will have more braces to put in as I assemble the car but the basic structure is there. I cut away the last of the floor in the car so now there is no rust anywhere on the entire car finally. Next thing is to put the bracing […]

Front Suspension Done

I will no longer have a rust problem on the front end of my car. The passenger side was easy since I knew exactly what was involved in putting it together. I got the new strut tower bracing in place for the passenger side. I still need to weld the strut tower to it and […]

Drivers Front Suspension Done

Got the lower front mount in place. I decided it was not worth the trouble of trying to make up brackets and bolt the arm on. It has no reason to ever come off the car again so I welded it in place. The frame is partially welded and needs finishing but I will wait […]

Starting to Build the Front Suspension

The front end is not that complicated due to the layout of it. The only problem seems to be that I plan on keeping the firewall stock so I can’t just cut it away. This makes things a bit harder trying to keep from cutting large parts out that will have to be repaired. I […]

Dashboard Hoop Installed

Didn’t get a lot done today, it was a bit cold. I did get the bar in the dashboard though so it wasn’t a total waste of a day. I cut away a bit of the front frame to see how it was made. I think they planned these cars to rust out because the […]

Rear Frame Completed

The back half of the car is finally done. I can now lift the back end easily. I will try and get some scales tomorrow to find out the actual weight but it isn’t much now. Next on the list of things to do is start on the front. After the hoop through the dashboard […]

Rear Suspension Mounts Done

Rear suspension is all done and tack welded in place. I will finish welding what I can get to then turn the to the other side and cut away the old unibody on that side and get the last of the welding done. With all the material gone from the car it is very light […]

Rear Bracing Completed

Today I welded up some bracing to attach the body to the new structure. Once that was in place I started cutting away the old unibody sections. I have a lot more to cut away and I will have to turn the car up the other way to complete it. It will have very little […]

Rear Inner Suspension Mounts Almost Done

Got the new suspension mounts started now. I still need to go through and cut a lot of the old stuff away and weld on some extra bracing but it is basically done. Next is to build new shock tower mounts then I can cut away the last of the rear unibody. The rear crossmember […]