Rear Frame Started

Didn’t get much time to work on the car this weekend so I only got one thing really accomplished. The rear bumper was cut away and a new main frame rail was tack welded in place. Next thing to do is replace the crossmember that is supporting the inner suspension mount and make a new […]

How to Identify a Geo Metro XFi

The XFi model metro was made from 91-94. So actually finding one does not guarantee it is still an XFi in anything other than name.

Trunk Floor Cut Away

Was a bit cold today to get much done. I cut the trunk floor out and exposed the suspension mounts so I could figure out how to attach the new frame. The way these cars are built is terrible. There are so many places for dirt and mud to get into without much of a […]

Main Hoop of Roll Bar Completed

I put the car back on it’s wheels and started making the roll bar. The main hoop was a complicated thing to make since it had some complicated bends in it to make it fit under the top and not hit the head of anyone in the car. The shape is not ideal for a […]

Main Frame Structure Complete

I completed the drivers side the same as the passenger side. It was much faster doing it the second time. After doing that it was time to move on and tie the sides together. The rear was easy, it was just weld a straight section in to join them together. The front took a bit […]

Passenger Side Welded up, Drivers side started

I finished welding up the passenger side main frame rail. I put a bit of primer on the bare metal to protect it from rust. I then turned the car around and turned it up on it’s other side so I could get at the drivers side to do the whole process again on that […]

Start of Frame Construction

Today I started building the new frame for the car. I am building the main structure out of 1.9" diameter 0.130 walled tube. I bent and made the rail for one side and have it tack welded in place.

Planning the tube chassis

I put the car back in the garage and turned it up on it’s side. I cut away the rust on the passenger side and have it ready to lay out the new frame. I used a section of fence post that is about 1.6" diameter to see how it would work putting the tube […]

Pressure Washed the Convertible Shell to Uncover All the Rust

I have a bit of a warm day today so I moved the car out of the garage into the yard and took the pressure washer to it at full power to see if I could uncover any more rust holes.

Completed stripping the car down

The wiring harness and the last of the accessories bolted to the shell were removed. I am leaving the steering, brakes, and suspension on the car for now. I am not sure if I will need them on the car right now but there is no point in removing them until I know for sure […]