I started by removing the rear seat, rear seatbelts, all rear plastic parts, soundproofing from the carpet, and tar soundproofing. I then used thin automotive carpet and spray adhesive to glue the carpet over the bare metal. The carpet is very light and the total weight of the carpet and glue is not even one pound. The improvement to the look of the interior over the bare metal is definately worth the extra weight. The car is also much quieter with the carpet compared to bare metal. These pictures show the interior without the front seats but I put the stock front seats back in for now. I left the mounting hooks for the seat back in place, I can lay the seat bottom in place and hook the seat back on those hooks in case I want to take more than one person somewhere.

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The car rides much better with the extra weight out of it. It is suprising how little weight it takes in this car to make a difference in the way it accelerates and handles. I will get a significant amount of weight out of it when I replace the front seats and seatbelts with something lighter but that is something that will be done in the future.

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  1. Hi Rick?
    I am a newbie and just purchased a 92 XFI and would like to do the interior as you have. How does the upright part of the back seat come out?
    What you recommend for the front area? Can it be done without using the molded kits?
    On another note, I am having some doubts as to the authenticity of my engine. On the block the # starts with the letter “S” which I think indicates a 95 engine. Is there a specific code on the ECU that indicates the XFI? And short of removing the valve cover and looking at the cam is there any other way to verify if it is an XFI engine? Thanks for your time and assistance……..doug

  2. On the back seat hinge there are 2 bolts for the top half and 2 for the bottom half. Just take those out and the seat will come off. I left the stock carpet in the front and just removed the soundproofing from it. The cheap rolls of carpet from Walmart cut and glued into place would also work, just take your time and fit it carefully.

    Measuring the cam is really about the only way to tell it is an XFi engine. Taking the valve cover off isn’t that hard and if you are careful you won’t damage the rubber gasket and it can be reused.

  3. Thanks Rick

    Found the screws that held both top and bottom in place(all were a little rusty).
    Found about a dollar in change and some peanut shells that had been gnawed on my some little critter.
    Found that the front carpet pad was bad, all the jute was soaked due to the two rear body plugs had popped out. Metal floor is in good shape. Guess I will either get a new carpet kit of carpet that too. Any ideas who makes a good kit?
    Did you just carpet over all the holes/gaps in the rear wheel area? Your pics make that area appear very flat.
    Thanks again…..doug

  4. Yep I just carpeted over all the holes except for the ones that the speakers were mounted in, I used something to fill that hole. The carpet won’t take much abuse like that but I never haul anything in the back that could damage the carpet.

    I ripped the backing off my carpet at the same time I took off the asphalt sound deadening material so as long as the top side of the carpet is in good shape I would reuse it. Just scrub it good and hose it off before reinstalling it to make it look like new again.

  5. Thanks again Rick
    I will send you some pics when I get the interior completed. Is that possible on this site?

  6. This site just has capabilities to post comments on articles I have written. The site on the link on the left side of this page is a good site to post pictures and get lots more ideas.

  7. My XFI engine number is G10R138228, it is a 1994.
    What is yours? Anyone?

    Bill Shannon