Stripped the interior on the project convertible

Time to start stripping down the car and seeing what all is wrong with it and what is rusted out. I took the entire interior out of it and found very little rust on the back half of the car. The front half has holes in the floor though. I will pull the front end […]

Start of the Geo Metro XFi Convertible project

Now that I have a car that looks like it is in usable shape it is time to plan a big metro buildup. I will be building a tube chassis for the convertible. I plan on stripping all the extra weight out of it that I can. I will probably not do any drastic changes […]

Got a convertible

I picked this car up for almost nothing. It actually runs good, it is a 3 cyl automatic. It has A/C and a bunch of other crap in it. I am probably going to rebuild it and lighten it as much as possible. Once I get it right I will probably move my drivetrain over […]

Bunch of Random Pics of the car

Bunch of pics that don’t really need a full post

Oil Pan

The windage tray was not hard to install, Just cut the old factory tray out if you want and stick the  new one in place. Test fit it and make sure it clears everything then weld it down in a few spots.

4 Wire Oxygen Sensor

The factory one wire Oxygen sensor works well for what it was designed for but it does have limitations. 4 wire sensors have been used for a while so it is easy to find them at junkyards. It is easy to test a sensor to make sure it is working with just a voltmeter and […]

Knock Sensor

I was not happy with the way most knock sensor indicators worked. They really don’t give much information. So I decided to do something different and wire the knock sensor up so I could hear it over the car’s stereo. The idea behind it is simple the knock sensor is a piezoelectric device that generates […]


I started by removing the rear seat, rear seatbelts, all rear plastic parts, soundproofing from the carpet, and tar soundproofing. I then used thin automotive carpet and spray adhesive to glue the carpet over the bare metal. The carpet is very light and the total weight of the carpet and glue is not even one […]

Front Bumper

The Front bumper has been modified by filling in most of the grille, adding an air dam, and by sealing the gasp at the hood. The less air going into the car or under it the better your aerodynamics. The radiator really doesn’t need that much air but if your car gets warmer than normal […]

DIY Jeep CJ-7 Shackle Reversal

A stock CJ7 doesn’t track on the road well. It wanders and takes bumps badly. Most of this can be attributed to the way the leaf springs are mounted. With the shackles on the front and the solid mount on the rear of the front end it makes the front take bumps badly on the […]