How to Convert an ATV to Ford Ignition

There was no way I was going to spend $280 on a cdi box for my Yamaha Moto-4 ATV. I knew how to wire up a Ford ignition since I had to figure it out earlier for my Jeep. It isn’t very hard, and it is a lot more reliable than the cheaply made cdi […]

Metro XFI Cam Advance Experiment

Well, I just finished with a fairly long experiment. I have been moving the cam timing around on my car to see what effect it has on mileage. Keep in mind that I have shaved the head .040″ so the car cannot tolerate as much advance as when it was stock. I have tried from […]


I guess there are other people on the internet that have not quite figured out I am nuts. Here is an interview I did with darin over at