June 7th Pictures

Highway 1 in California

June 6th Pictures

Hoover Dam, Death Valley, and some California Ghost towns.

June 5th Pictures

Meteor crater and a crumbling building on the old unpaved part of Route 66.

June 4th Travel Pictures

Lots of Pictures so if you are on a slow connection expect it to take a while to load. We saw the Petrified Forest and some Route 66 stuff.

Travel Pictures

Leaving WV the plan was to cover as much ground as quick as possible to get past the Mississippi river. So we didn’t waste much time stopping and getting pictures of the interstate.

Packing List for My Motorcycle Trip

So here is my list of stuff that I have packed and set up for the trip. I will be living off the bike for a few weeks with maybe staying in a hotel room once in a while. For the most part I will be camping and cooking my own food.

How I Set Up My DR650 Setup for the Trip Out West

Here is how I have set up my bike for the trip out west. I have set it up to fit me well so what I did might not work for everyone but from my experience with the bike it should be a pretty good setup.

Across America by Motorcycle

Well I think the bike is pretty much ready, I have lots of time off, and nothing better to do. So it is time to make a big trip on my bike. Me and Sarah are planning on making it from West Virginia  to California and back on our bikes.

DR650 Ultimate Seat Mods

The air cushion seat cover I had kept getting holes it in easily and I got tired of patching it. I have already modified the seat previously. The seat was sized and fit me well but without the air pad it would get to me after a few hours especially with D606 tires adding to […]

Modified Turbo City Touring Windshield for a DR650

The Turbo City Touring Windscreen is a pretty nice addition to a DR650 but it has two issues that bothered me. It is not adjustable and it locks the handlebars to the forks so the rubber vibration isolators no longer work. This is a simple change I did to fix both problems at once. Update: […]